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The holidays are quickly approaching, and many of us are going to be traveling and have some free time on our hands. I wanted to share my favorite YouTube channels so if you’re in a car/plane for a few hours and are out of Netflix shows to watch, you could check them out! A majority of my favorites have mostly beauty/lifestyle related content, but there are a few channels I watch that are different! I’ve also been watching all of them consistently for the past year, so I know their content is good. So, in no particular order, here are my faves!

1. Makeup by Tiffany D:I really like this channel because Tiffany incorporates not only makeup, but décor and fashion as well. She does a lot of her videos on more high-end makeup and fashion, but she only talks about what she would personally use. I like this because she does talk about more pricey items. Another thing I like about her channel is that she does more quick and simple makeup for everyday. I love to get all dolled up (who doesn’t!) but I don’t want to take the time everyday before work to do it. She also incorporates skincare products she is using, which I don’t see very often on the other channels I like to watch.

2. Manny MUA: This channel is run by a BOY!!!! (yes, a boy!) beauty blogger. If you watch anything beauty related, I would be surprised if you haven’t at least heard of him. First off, I love that a male is running this channel. And with that being said, he can do his makeup better than a lot of girls I know! His videos are mainly reviews, dupes, and tutorials. He is over the top, very funny, and I think he’s just fantastic! Definitely recommend him!

3. Laura Lee: Laura’s channel focuses a lot on more affordable products, and incorporates high-end makeup here and there. She also has hack videos, hair tutorials, and other beauty related stuff! She moved to CA from AL, and basically made a living for herself making makeup videos ( I know this from watching older videos). I always love a good “made nothing into something” story! Makes you feel like you could do it too! She is a little quirky, but is funny and has great videos.

4. Casey Holmes: Casey’s channel is what kicked started my makeup obsession. I started watching her first, and I haven’t stopped since! (like 3 years…) She does makeup videos, hair videos, hacks, fashion, home décor, etc. She has a vlog channel too which incorporates more of her home life and her doggies (which she is obsessed with, and rightfully so, because they are adorable!!!!). Her makeup videos are a good mix of high-end and drugstore. She also has problematic skin, so she shares that journey and what types of products she uses for her sensitive skin.

5. Sarah Rae Vargas: Sarah’s vlogs are about all different things. Fashion (specifically for bigger women, which I think is great!), Subscriber question and answers, sex toys, and beauty hauls. If you’re conservative, this may not be your cup of tea. But I think she has great content and I love watching her!

6. Sam & Nia: This channel follows a family of 5 on their daily adventures through their vlogs. They are a faith based famiy and they have THE cutest kids. Sam and Nia always find ways to include their children in different experiences to teach them life skills. It’s definitely a fun channel to watch!

7. Courtelizz1: I initially started to watch this channel when I saw her video about having brain cancer. I’ve followed her since then where she has shared many videos about her experience with surgery, chemo, and radiation. Other than that she does makeup and fashion videos as well, which is what her channel started off as originally. She isn’t as popular as the others listed above, but she is just as great to watch.

8. Tati: Tati is strictly a makeup/skincare channel. She does all kinds of reviews on drugstore/high-end skincare and makeup. This channel has a very broad range of products that she talks about, so it’s a great channel!

9. Jaclyn Hill: Jaclyn has a great story. Her and her husband literally started with nothing and she created a name for herself through her YouTube. (She tells her story on an older video) This eventually led to some collaborations with makeup companies (Morphe, Becc). She focuses on a lot of high-end makeup but throws in some drugstore items as well. She is blunt and very funny to watch!

10. Jenna Marbles: Jenna’s channel has a mix of just random funny videos. She does some DIY things that don’t always turn out well but she makes them funny. I recommend her channel if you need a good laugh!!

What YouTube recommendations do you have? Leave a comment and let us know!

xo, Emily

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  1. Casey’s Holmes is my absolute favorite! I love her beauty channel but I think I love her vlog channel more because her dogs are so dang cute!

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