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  1. Hey guys, welcome to December! I like to wait until after Thanksgiving to start decorating for Christmas…but if you start early, that’s great too! I moved out on my own this summer, so my mom and I have started a tradition of making a wreath ourselves for the house.  I live an hour away from my mom now, and this is a good way to spend the day together and do something fun! We did it in the fall and it was actually much easier than I thought it would be. I’m not always very creative, but it was really easy to put together. It’s a really easy DIY project that is fun and cheap to do!


So to start out, I got a regular old wreath and some picks that were the style I wanted. Next I pull the limbs on the picks apart. (left picture below) This can be difficult so I recommend using a pair of wire cutters if you can. You can also “unwrap” the thin paper that is on them but that can get a little difficult. I got two picks each, which was plenty. I only do half of the wreath, so if you want to cover the whole wreath you’ll need more than what I bought. I usually get mine at AC Moore, Michaels, or Hobby Lobby, and they are typically on some sort of sale.

Next I start just start adding pieces. I slide the “stem” parts of the individual pieces in between the wreath vines. (Right picture above) My mom and I figured this out on our first wreath this was possible. The sun shines right on her front door and she isn’t able to use glue. It sticks pretty well! I like to do one piece on top, and the same on the bottom. I continue to do this until I get my desired result.
Now I’m sure you noticed the ribbon….I planned on making a bow…and that didn’t work out so well. I thought it looked nice without it anyway!
And here is the final result! It is super easy, and takes maybe a half hour, if you aren’t too critical about your work!



Have you done any DIY wreaths this season? What types of holiday DIY are you doing? Share a picture or your ideas in the comments!

xo, Emily

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