Procrastinator’s Gift Guide for Christmas!

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Christmas is only 2 weeks away…yes 2 WEEKS! If you’re like me….you’ve put off Christmas shopping. I mean, I’ve done some..but I definitely have more to do! When it gets down to the last minute, I like to get gifts that are practical and don’t break the bank. We’ve all gotten random Christmas gifts we end up throwing away. I’m all about practicality and giving things people actually use or need. So here is a list of some ideas, and some of these I will be getting as well!

  1. Socks: Who doesn’t need socks? I swear my dresser drawers and dryer eat my socks. My boyfriend will be getting socks from our dogs this year…they always eat his! We have a puppy, so he wants to chew on everything!
  2. Slippers: These are always great gifts because you can wear them around the house to keep your feet warm, take out the dog in them at night or in the morning! They make all different types and they are inexpensive!
  3. Blankets: I am a firm believer in never having enough blankets! I think these are always a great gift, especially at Christmas because we are going into the winter months when it gets cold. Who doesn’t love blankets?!!
  4. Robe: I use my robe everyday while I get ready for work, and also when I get out of the shower at night. It is just so comfy and keeps me warm. I think this is a great idea for this time of year!
  5. Underwear: Now obviously you probably aren’t going to get these for just anyone, but this is another thing everyone needs. This is another thing I will be buying this year!
  6. PJ’s: Who doesn’t love a good set of pajamas? This is a great gift for kids and adults. There are even cute matching PJ’s out there for the holidays!
  7. Gloves: Depending on where you live, these are a necessity in the winter! Each year I end up getting someone a pair of gloves and they’re always a hit!
  8. Candles: Candles are always a great gift. I would recommend getting a popular smell (cinnamon, apple, cookies…things like that!) so then you don’t have to worry about them hating the smell. This is also something I am getting this year!
  9. Gift Cards: Some people don’t think gift cards are thoughtful gifts, but I think they’re great! As long as you get a card for a place the person actually shops at. Who doesn’t like free “cash”? If you’re in a time crunch, this is a great gift.

What other ideas do you guys have? What gifts do you get when you procrastinate? Share your comments below!!




5 thoughts on “Procrastinator’s Gift Guide for Christmas!

  1. Fellow procrastinator here! Still have shopping to do with our first family Christmas on Saturday! Thanks for sharing your ideas. And almost all of your ideas are ones that are great to give children or families who are stuck in the hospital over the holidays (just not the candles). Cheers to getting it done and that’s all that matters!

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