Removing Acrylics Nails Properly

Acrylic Nails

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Hey guys! So, I have the privilege of having a nail tech for a sister in law, which is awesome!! I do pay her, as everyone else does, but I’m more than willing to say I don’t like what she did, or I want it redone. Luckily, she’s awesome at her job and I don’t have to do this very often! I’ve been getting acrylics consistently done for about a year now, and it’s really not good for your nails long term. Because of this, I’ve decided to remove them and give my nails a break! I’ve watched my sister in law remove acrylics so many times, the right way, so I thought I’d share the proper way to remove them with you. Now I’m NOT a nail tech, I’ve just seen this done many times by a licensed technician (keep that in mind! 😊) This takes PATIENCE to do yourself, so if you don’t have that I would recommend having a salon remove them for you!!

To start, you will need the following:

You’ll want to start by clipping your nails short (assuming they’re long) and then filing down your polish. Filing the top layer of your polish is important. By not doing this, you will significantly slow down the process. I don’t file the polish completely off, but just enough that they loose their “shine”. (This should be done for regular polish and gel polish) 

acrylic nailsAcrylic Nails









Next you can pull apart the cotton balls (you don’t want them to be too thick where they absorb most of the acetone) and cut 10 pieces of tin foil for your nails. Soak the cotton ball in the acetone (You can be generous with this. You want the cotton ball to be soaked so it dissolves the acrylic. If you don’t have enough it will take forever) and place on your nail. Next wrap the tin foil around the cotton ball. Continue this process on all nails. I recommend doing one hand at a time. You can do both…but it gets tricky when your trying to file one hand with your other hand covered in tin foil. 😁 Let these on your nails for at least 15-20 minutes. Although it’s tempting, trust me I know, don’t “check” them. Just let them to their thing!

Acrylic Nails                                                 Acrylic Nails



After your time is up, check the first nail you wrapped. It should look like it is starting to flake off. Use the cuticle pusher the push the acrylic off. You can do this by pushing away from your nail bed. Continue this until you can’t scrape anymore acrylic. File down the acrylic that’s left, and then put your tinfoil back over your nail.

If you need to, you can add more acetone to the cotton ball before you rewrap your nail. Move on to your next nail. Repeat this step until the acrylic is completely gone. Once you’ve removed everything, use a nail buffer to get everything as smooth as possible on your nail bed. I would then recommend pushing back and clipping your cuticles. Also, you should lotion your cuticles to keep them moisturized. I know that your nails may not look very pretty, but I would refrain from painting them for a week or so. We’re taking off our acrylics to let our nails breathe after all!


**You should never try to rip or pull your acrylics off. This will damage your nails even more. Definitely always remove them properly, or have a professional remove them for you!

If you’ve taken your gel or acrylic nails off, what type of nail strengthener do you use to help get your nails back on track? There are so many, so I looked up ones with good reviews and chose from that.
Good luck, and remember, PATIENCE IS KEY!




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