How I landed a job interview–Free Resume Template!

Last year around this time, I started realizing that I wasn’t happy with my current job situation. I wasn’t using my degree (although my “title” at work said I was), and I was bored. Some days I would literally do nothing but play solitaire…for 8 hours. I know this may sound fun..but it definitely wasn’t. I was also thinking about moving in with my boyfriend, who lived over an hour away, and I wasn’t going to drive that far for a job I didn’t like. This was the first time since college that I really job searched…which had been about 3 years. I learned a lot about job searching over the next 8 months, and I thought it would be valuable to share my experience with any current job searchers out there!

How did I start job searching?

One of the first things I recommend doing is updating/creating a resume. I know that a lot of companies want you to fill out their application, but I would always attach my resume with it. I think it makes you look more prepared, and professional. If possible, I would keep your resume to a 1 page maximum. Recruiters don’t have time to read pages of information. When I was graduating college, they stressed this to us!! I would also suggest writing up a general cover letter that you are able to replace job titles and company names easily. This way, when you’re asked for one, you just have to switch up a few things and you’re good to go!

Another piece of advice I think is beneficial is to have a decent headshot picture of yourself…aka a nice selfie 🙂 You want to have a decent picture to post on your LinkedIn account (we will go over that next). You want employers to think you are a well rounded candidate…so they probably don’t want to see a picture of you doing shots at the bar. Just a plain old picture from the shoulders up is good enough. I know this seems obvious…but to some it really isn’t!

Make sure you are on LinkedIn. If you’re not familiar with LinkedIn, it is a social media website that is like an online resume. You can connect with other people, as well as businesses. You can also search for and apply to jobs. They also have an app (LinkedIn Job Search) that is dedicated to jobs in your area or in an area you specify. You can upload your resume and apply directly from this app. It’s really easy and quick to do. If you do have a LinkedIn, update your profile with your current experience. Employers ARE GOING to look here. Trust me.

Speaking of social media, look over your personal accounts. Make sure they are “clean” and don’t have anything you wouldn’t want a potential employer to see. Even if you think your profile is private, look over it. Employers have ways to check your social media. Better safe than sorry!

To search for jobs, I used the following apps:

Create an account and add your resume. If you attached your resume to these apps, they will allow you to apply directly to each job. It makes the application process very quick and easy! I checked these apps several times a day. They update jobs often, so it’s worth your time.

Glassdoor is my favorite job search tool because not only can you look for jobs, but you can also look at company reviews, salaries, and application processes. I found these really helpful, especially if you go in for an interview. It’s always nice to have a heads up on salary ranges and opinions on the company by employees.

Another place I looked for jobs was on my town website. They posted jobs that were open for the town government. I checked these websites a few times a week.

It can also be helpful to just search specific companies you’re interested in and look at the jobs section on their website. These aren’t always up to date, but I would suggest looking here as well.

Job hunting can be stressful and discouraging. It can take a lot of time and effort to find the right job for you. Remember this while job searching. Trust me, the right position will come along for you!

It looks me 6 months of searching and 3 interviews before I found my current position. It was frustrating, especially because I was really unhappy in my current position. But the wait was worth it. My current position is great and so is the company I work for.

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xo, Emily

7 thoughts on “How I landed a job interview–Free Resume Template!

  1. Thanks for sharing your process. It’s always difficult to get back into searching and maintaining a resume. I believe in keeping your resume up to date all the time so you never have to scramble when opportunity strikes.

  2. Hey , I know the pain of searching I am looking for a placement now. I suppose graduates can look on target jobs too! It’s grest you offer a free template and great advice about LinkedIn. I think that physcometric testing can be a barrier though and tailoring the cv is key!

  3. Thanks for sharing this! I have been on all those sites for 4 years and networked like crazy, branded myself with a blog and paid for two resume redo’s…still no new career…I am so exasperated. I will try this template!

    ave a great day!

  4. It looks like a decent list. My friend has used a monster app and was amazed by how quickly he got a new job. You’re totally right about LinkedIn – any job search should start with this resource! Will bookmark this page for my nephew!

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