Rustic Milk bottle DIY

Milk Bottle
Milk bottle
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A few weeks ago I went into Michael’s to look for some Valentine’s decorations. Before I moved in with my boyfriend, I didn’t have a Michael’s in the town I lived in. But now that I’m in a different town, we have one! And if you’ve ever been in one, you know why I love it! There’s not only craft items, but there is home décor, scrapbooking supplies, baskets, etc. You really need to go into a Michael’s if you haven’t yet.

So, I have a pretty wooden Amish built hutch in my dining room, but I don’t have much in it, which means I’m always looking for decor. When I was there a few weeks ago I was checking out the Easter decor and found a really cute milk bottle with lace and twine. I thought these would go great in my hutch, but I remembered my boyfriend bought a ton of different sized milk bottles at a yard sale last summer.

They seemed easy to make on my own, so I got some pretty lace and twine instead. When I went ahead and made them myself, it literally took me 10 minutes. Super easy, and simple. So I’m going to show you how!

Tools You’ll Need

You will want to start by measuring out the lace ribbon you will use on the bottom. Then put a line of hot glue and lay down the ribbon. I didn’t push it down, it just sunk down into the glue. Next, hot glue the other side of the ribbon. I overlapped mine a little bit.

I measured the twine around the top, and then tied a bow. This is a little tricky with twine since it wouldn’t get tight, so I messed around with it a few times until it looked how I liked it. Then I cut off the ends to make it a little shorter.

Milk Bottle

I didn’t glue this part, but you can put a dab behind the bow to keep it in place.

And that’s it!

Super easy and it looks so cute! I’m super happy with how these turned out.

Milk Bottle

I’m all about doing things myself and saving a little money. But if you want to just buy them, you can go here

Milk Bottle

The little signs on my hutch are also from Michael’s. You can look at their décor here. They have really cute stuff for upcoming holidays, but just cute décor for anytime as well. They are also great price wise, almost always have a sale. Check them out!

Do you have a hutch? Where do you find décor for it? I am always looking for something new!

xo, Emily

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16 thoughts on “Rustic Milk bottle DIY

    1. I have the originals in a link below, they were $4.99 a piece so it may be cheaper to buy them than make them, but I already had the bottles. And if you do them yourself you can customize them more! But either way they’re cute 😁

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