Spring/Easter Decor DIY

Easter Decor
Easter Decor
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Spring is just around the corner!!

Last week we had our first real warm day. Unfortunately that nice weather only lasted a day before we got wind and rain for about 4 days. But that warm weather got me in the mood to take down my winter décor and put up my spring décor!

I wanted to do a cute DIY craft for Easter/spring so I could leave it up after Easter was over. I was on Twitter and saw Kate at The Organized Dream post a DIY Easter craft. She used newspaper and twine painted orange to create a carrot. You can read more about how she did it here! Below Is my take on her craft 🙂

I wanted to try her DIY, but I also thought it would be cute to do it for Easter eggs as well! I thought they would be perfect to go in the basket I got at Michael’s for my dining room table. I love how they turned out, but they did take a little bit of time and patience! I decided against the twine and got yarn instead, but I think either will work out great!

I went to good old Michael’s to pick up some supplies! You’ll Need:

Hot glue/hot glue gun

Colored yarn (you can also use colored twine, or brown twine and paint it!)

Eggs ( or anything that is solid and egg shaped)


DIY Easter decor

1. After your hot glue gun is heated, make a line around the egg. Attach the yarn to the glue. Continue doing this around the top half of the egg

DIY Easter decor

2. Continue the same steps with the bottom half of the egg. Make sure to keep the yarn tightly against the row above it. It will easily create gaps if you don’t do this!!

DIY Easter decor

*I found it was easier to do small hot glue lines In small portions so they don’t dry before you lay the yarn on them.

*Also, don’t hot glue the entire egg. Just do a few areas. I did a line of glue, laid down the yarn over top of the glue and then made a line of hot glue a little further away than the yarn. Then I places down more yarn. Doing this kept the egg from getting messy with the hot glue.

3. When I got to the end of each side, I placed a lot of glue and pressed the yarn into it, and then cut it off the yarn ball. There was a tiny piece left so I pushed that down into the dot of glue as well. Don’t wait too long or the glue will dry! When they were finished, this is how they looked!

DIY Easter decor

Like I said, they take a little bit of time, but they turned out so cute! They also fit great in my basket from Michael’s!

DIY Easter Decor

Michael’s also has a really great selection of spring and Easter décor from florals, décor, storage containers and more!. They have You can check it out here! I am definitely going back to get some of their spring décor.

What kind of Easter décor do you have at your house? Put a picture in the comments!!

xo, Emily

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39 thoughts on “Spring/Easter Decor DIY

  1. That is such a cute little decor project. I have been wanting to make something for Spring and may have to try this project. Thanks for sharing.

  2. This is so cute, I love it!! It’s something a little different to catch your eye without being in your face. I find a lot of DIYs a little overwhelming but I think this is totally doable, and it could be adapted to other seasons! We typically don’t do.much for Easter here because we are usually still buried in snow and not feeling spring-y yet!

  3. Great blog! The decor is so cute. This is a fun activity! Thanks for sharing ♥️ ♥️ By any chance you are interested on doing collaborations, you can connect with amazing brands and fellow bloggers through the influencer directory of!


  4. I love the variegated look of the yarn! And those are perfect colors for Spring. I did some a couple years ago with just twine (not painted). They are one of my favorite Spring decorations!

  5. Such a cute spring DIY project. Easter comes early this year. So I need to jump on some spring/Easter projects and this is a great place to start. Thanks!

  6. The eggs look great, such a good idea! And I love that you shared extra tips to make the craft easier. I am looking forward to trying this out!

  7. Thanks for sharing your post. I loved the eggs. My daughter and I made these a few years back. Besides hot gluing my fingertips to the eggs and yarn, they turned out quite nice.

  8. A very nice idea for spring decoration. I will try to make such eggs with my children. Maybe it will not come out as perfectly as yours but we will definitely have great fun.

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