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Spring Wreath Decor DIY

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Happy spring!!🌷🌱🐣

It’s slowly starting to get warm here in PA! And I mean…slowly. I’ve been transitioning my decor to spring inside, and I have started on the outside somewhat. With it being 60 degrees one day, and a foot of snow the next, it’s hard to work on our outside decor!

Last weekend when my mom came to visit, we went on our usual trip to Michael’s to get supplies to make a wreath for my front door. I’ve done this for a few seasons and holidays now.  It’s really simple and fun to put your own touch on it! They also last really well throughout the season and I will be able to use them again next year!

I personally like the grapevine wreaths for my house because we have a farmhouse theme going, and I feel like that fits best. Plus, by using a grapevine wreaths, you don’t have to use hot glue. This is important if you have sun that shines on your front door because the hot glue will melt!

To make your own wreath, you’ll need the following:

Artificial FlowersGrapevine Wreath

Putting together the wreath is really simple. I typically cut apart the flowers in a way I think I will be using them.

Next, you can lay out your flowers before you weave them in, but I usually know what I want it to look like, so I just go right in!

Grapevine Wreath

To get the flowers to stay, weave them in between the grapevine. Remember to weave them stem in the direction you want the flower to point.

For this wreath, I put the pink flowers first, then weaved in the white and pink flowers on each side. I did the greens last.

I then will look it over and add some extra flowers and rearrange the flowers to my liking. This wreath took me about 15-20 minutes. I try not to be too particular because I like it to have a rustic farmhouse look.

The last thing I do is look at the stems sticking out off the back of the wreath. I cut the stems that are sticking out too far so the stems don’t push against my door (picture below!) and can make the flowers fall out!

Grapevine Wreath

When I’m satisfied with the flower arrangement and all of the stems are cut back, I’ll put it out on my front door! I think it turned out really well and is looking just like springtime!

Spring Wreath Decor

This is such an easy DIY to spruce up your decor! It’s cheap to do, and doesn’t take long either! Michael’s is always having a sale when I go so it’s easy to stay on budget! If you don’t have a Michael’s you can get these items at Hobby Lobby or AC Moore as well!

What spring décor DIY’s are you loving? Let me know in the comments!!

xo, Emily

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14 thoughts on “Spring Wreath Decor DIY

  1. What a beautiful idea! And such a great way to add a little extra spring to your home (we’ve had snow and freezing rain all day today – I could really use a little more spring!) I can’t wait to make my own wreath. Thanks for sharing ♡

  2. Such a pretty wreath! I really need to spruce up my door and add some curb appeal. Pinning for when I get around to making it. Thanks for the beautiful idea!

  3. This is something I would easily have paid $40 if I’d seen it in a store! It is absolutely gorgeous. I’m a personal fan of the grapevine wreath too. My mom has been making wreaths off and on the past couple years but I’m always intimidated by how professional they look. Since I don’t have a springtime wreath I’m definitely going to be trying this out and might honestly be copying your gorgeous flower choices too since I”m obsessed with hydrangeas.

  4. Ahhh I need to make one! I absolutely love this and all this week I have been spring deep cleaning my house so I feel like I should reward myself with making pretty spring wreaths!

    I’ll defiently be following your how-to! ☺️

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