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The Perfect Mother’s Day Gift

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Now that we’re already halfway though April, many of us are starting to think about what to get our mom’s for Mother’s Day. I always like to do something special for my mom on Mother’s Day to show her how important she is. I made a personalized book for my boyfriend for our anniversary, and I saw you could make books for other holidays and special occasions. I knew this would be the perfect gift to get my mom for Mother’s Day! I always get her a super sappy gift or card that is bound to make her cry. Most mom’s sacrifice a lot in their life to be a great mom, so I think it’s important to give them a really special gift on Mother’s Day!

The book is made by an online company called LoveBook, where you can make your own personalized book for anyone and any occasion. For Mother’s Day, they have a whole category of pages you can choose from. The nice thing about the pages is that you can change the wording, but they have suggestions that you can use as well! You’re not limited to the Mothers Day category, you can choose from many other pages as well! I will put a picture below to show you

How can you make your story?

You first will choose your characters and their features. There are many options you can choose from to make your stick person look just like your mom! My picture shows the characteristics you can customize: eyes, mouth, hair, beard/mustache, etc. You will choose these from each character before you continue to your story. Next, you can choose what occasion the book is for, your cover, and if you want a hardback or softback back. My book is a hardback, but I got a soft back book for my boyfriend. They are both really good quality!


Next, you start building your book! LoveBook has many types of cover pages to pick from, so your bound to find one that suites you! They had specific one’s for Mother’s Day, which is where I picked mine. Next you can choose pages from the “Mother’s Day” category, or from the category you want!


For my mom’s book, I picked out pages to thank her for what she’s done for me, or things I appreciate about her. I chose most of my pages from the Mother’s Day category. Then, I changed the text to what I wanted to express to make sense with the picture. If the pictures had word bubbles by the character, I would change those too!


This book comes with a minimum of 20 pages, which was more than I expected. I was able to fill up my book with a ton of reasons I love my mom and why I’m thankful for her! After I ordered my book, it came within 3 days, and it was in discreet packaging. I’m noting this in case you live with your mom and you don’t want her to see where it came from! It comes in a envelope with bubble wrap on the inside, and then the actual book is covered in a plastic wrapping.


Overall I’m once again impressed with the quality of the book. I can’t wait to give it to my mom. I know she’s going to love it and cry!

If you’re interested, follow this link! If you’d like to save a little money, you can use promo code EMILYJLBC15 for 15% off.

What ideas do you have for Mother’s Day?

xo, Emily

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