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Front Porch “Welcome” Sign DIY

Welcome Sign
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It is looking like spring is FINALLY here in PA! The weather has FINALLY warmed up. With the nice weather comes nice outside décor!

This year is the first year I’ve lived with my boyfriend at the house we’re in, so each season means new décor. This is because I don’t have any decorations from previous years! I personally don’t mind because I get to shop for new decorations! This can sometimes be costly, so I like to do DIY projects when I can to help save money! Plus I get to be a little crafty!

Welcome Sign
Welcome Sign It is looking like spring is finally here in PA! the weather has FINALLY warmed up. With the nice weather comes outside décor!
This year is the first year I’ve lived with my boyfriend at the house were in, so each season means new décor, because I don’t have any décor from previous years! Which is exciting, but can also be a little costly. That’s why I try to do a lot of DIY projects 😊

We have a barn that came with a bunch of old barn wood, which has really come in handy! With the old barn wood, I have been making different crafts and I knew this would be great for my welcome sign!

I also went to Michael’s to get some supplies. I got a few paint brushes and some paint for the letters. For the paint, I just got regular acrylic paint because the sign will be under a roof and not exposed to the rain or snow. But if you make this sign and it will be exposed to the elements, I would suggest using the paint from Martha Stewart. They had some really pretty colors and paint that can be used for the outside. The last item I got was twine to add a little bit to the top and bottom of the board.

Making your Welcome Sign!

For the WELCOME letters, I originally wanted to buy stencils of the alphabet. Buying the letters at the store was costly…or at least more than I wanted to spend. There weren’t very many options to choose from for font either, so I ended up using Microsoft word to create my letters and then just printed them out. I picked out my font and made the size 600.

Welcome Sign

Next I cut out the letters and used chalk to outline them. I wanted to be able to paint the letters without having the paper in the way!

After I finished outlining all of the letters and making sure they’re spaced how I wanted them, I started painting!

Welcome Sign

The trick to painting the letters, at least for me, was to outline the letter with the smaller brush, and then filling it in with the bigger brush. This helped me keep the letters even and clean.

Welcome Sign

Welcome Sign

I ended up painting two coats of the white paint to make the color more solid. The second coat is optional, I just like the more bold look of 2 coats of paint!

The finishing touches I added was twine around the top and bottom. I just hot glued the beginning piece, wrapped it around a few times, and then hot glued the end piece down.

Welcoe Sign

I love how this “welcome” sign looks on our porch, especially my spring wreath (see how to make yours here!) This sign was very easy to make and costs under $20! I like to be frugal, so this project was right up my alley!

What’s on your front porch?

xo, Emily


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6 thoughts on “Front Porch “Welcome” Sign DIY

  1. You are so creative! I love this! We don’t have a welcome sign or mat yet, so I might try this out! 🙂

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