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Hey friends! Do you straighten your natural curly hair everyday? Do you find yourself worrying about rain, humidity, etc.? I know where you’re coming from! Us girls with natural curly hair have to worry about poof, frizz, and weather to make sure our hair is staying sleek and straight! Well I don’t know about you, but I’m sick of worrying about my hair and taking forever to get it done in the morning!

I recently was skimming across YouTube, you know getting sucked into the vortex, and came across a few videos on “curly hair journeys”. These were women who have natural curly hair, and have discovered how to love it. A little background on me, I have naturally curly hair, but I ALWAYS straighten it. I’ve been doing that for at least 10 years. I’ve never found a way that I like to have my hair curly. I’m sure we’ve all gone through that phase where we put a TON of gel in it to keep it curly or wavy (middle school), but I hate the way that looks.

I started doing a little more research and found out there’s an entire book called “The Curly Girl Method“. Who know there was a book out there for this?! (Not me!) I found a few videos on YouTube that were really great at explaining the method and how to get started. I quickly subscribed and started watching all of the videos from these girls:

They all have great videos on everything for natural curly hair. There are tons of other YouTubers who make videos on this as well, but these girls have very similar hair types to mine.

If you don’t have time to watch the videos, here’s a brief run down on the curly girl method:

  • No silicones, sulfates or parabens in your shampoo, conditioner and other hair products. It’s recommended you use a low-poo or no-poo shampoo.
  • No heat. This includes blow drying, curling irons and straighteners (This one can be tough!)
  • Use a microfiber towel or t-shirt to dry your hair, no towels! (Towels will create frizz)

If you’re considering this journey for yourself, it’s important to note that you won’t see immediate results. I’ve seen a few videos that emphasize there is a 3-6 month window where you won’t see any difference in your curls. Over time your curls will get healthier. Some of the before and after pictures are amazing!

The Start of my Journey

So I decided to start this journey by watching A TON of videos on products that are good, how to style your hair, how to refresh your hair on non-wash days, etc. I wanted to be fully prepared to go in 100% on this. There are many products that you can use that are “curly girl approved”, but I decided on the DevaCurl line because they make products specifically for curly and wavy hair. I got trial sizes at Ulta so that I could try them before spending the big bucks. My first impression is that they smell AWESOME and they work really well. They also don’t leave my hair feeling crunchy, greasy or heavy. I really enjoy them! I’m using the following products right now:

Low-poo Delight
One Condition Delight
Frizz Free Volumizing Foam
Ultra Defining Gel

I’ve been using the curly girl method for about 3 weeks. My natural curly hair looks so pretty already and not having to worry about the humidity is fantastic. My hair routine takes SO much less time…I mean maybe 10 minutes every morning. MAYBE! If it’s not a wash day, it takes less than 5 minutes…seriously1 I know this journey can seem intimidating but there is so much information out there to help you!

Want to know my current routine? Let me know!

xo, Emily

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